Enterprise Bank offers several desired options to help you reach your personal savings goals. Whether you are in search of a short or long term investment, our products offer a competitive and dependable fixed rate. Our risk-free products are FDIC insured which provide you with peace of mind. A minimum investment of as low as $1,000 could get you started today.

We offer two types of tax advantaged Individual Retirement Accounts.

Traditional IRAs offer a simple way to save for retirement. Contributions may be tax deductible and any earned interest on this account is tax deferred until funds are withdrawn.Roth IRAs allow for investment earnings to be tax free. Contributions are post tax and can be made after 70 ½ with no required distributions.

*Simple Interest on CDs less than one year / Compounded Daily for CDs 1 year or more / Rate fixed during term of CD


  • No Annual Fee
  • Account will automatically renew at maturity at our current prevailing interest rate.
  • 10 day grace period after maturity to withdraw funds without penalty
  • If principal is withdrawn before maturity a penalty will be imposed.

Complete account disclosure will be distributed at account opening.

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