Switch to Enterprise

Enterprise Bank has made switching your accounts fast and easy with our Hassle Free Conversion Switch Kit. Included in this kit is everything you will need to transfer your banking relationship to Enterprise Bank. Simply follow these steps or feel free to call us at 877-604-5705 if you require any assistance. 

1) Open an Enterprise Bank Checking or Savings Account: Enterprise Bank has various checking and savings accounts to fit your banking needs. 

2) Stop using your previous Checking Account: Make certain that enough funds are available in this account to cover outstanding checks and all automatic payments. Destroy all old checks, debit cards, ATM cards, and deposit slips associated with this account. 

3) Change your Direct Deposit: Complete the Hassle Free Conversion Direct Deposit Form to notify any companies or organizations who make direct deposits on your behalf. 

4) Change your Automatic Payments: Inform all companies who generate automatic payments to transfer any automatic payments to your new Enterprise Bank checking or savings account. 

5) Calculate your account balance: Complete the Hassle Free Conversion Account Balance Worksheet with your most recent account statement. Please be as accurate as possible when completing this form. 

6) Close out your previous Checking Account: Complete the Hassle Free Conversion Account Closing Form once all outstanding checks and automatic payments have cleared. 

7) Hassle Free Conversion Checklist: Be sure to double check that you have completed all the necessary steps with our checklist guide.

Hassle Free Conversion Kit